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"Visionary" truly represents the theme Serendipity.

A series of portraits based on my research of the Hardy Boys.

Visionary separated itself from this body of work and evolved into the realm of creativity. The changes that are made during the additive and subtractive process of printmaking only strengthen the realm of mystery, possibilities, and the evolution of the creative mind.

St Louis, Mo. 2016

  Art St. Louis


1223 Pine Street

​St Louis, Mo. 63103

​Date: August 6, 2016 - September 15,2016

Title: Visionary

​Media: Monotype

Size: 33 x 27 framed

​​​​Franklin W. Dixon was a pseudonym. A Canadian newspaper writer answered an ad which lead to a collection of books known as the Hardy Boys. The fact that no one knew Franklin W. Dixon. Another layer was Edward Stratemeyer which influenced and created Children's literature known as Stratemeyer syndicate. Ironically, one of the titled Hardy Boys books "A Figure in Hiding"